Youth Emerging Successfully!

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YES! assists in cultivating youth leadership by (promoting) critical thinkers who impact their communities, make courageous decisions, and realize their full potential.


Youth Emerging Successfully (YES!) is a multi-organizational collaborative initiative that targets high school aged (14-26) youth of color adversely impacted by incarceration to develop leadership, academic and entrepreneurial skillsets. The program teaches students how to  Build positive and productive contributions to society; Engage in the real world and entrepreneurial experiences grounded in a context for reinforcing academic subjects; manage money, including budgeting, earning, saving, spending, banking, and business finance; Nurture life skills including workforce-readiness, decision-making, organization teamwork, and public-speaking; Become life and career mentors with knowledge, guidance, support, and resources while expressing and embracing the true essence of their historical context.


Cohorts run after school during the academic year with a balance of instruction and hands on practice in actual functioning businesses while students develop strategies for their education, careers, and/or entrepreneurial endeavor. Afterwards, graduates are matched with summer mentors who assist them in developing, practicing and polishing their strategy presentations to be delivered at the Opportunity Conference in an effort to gain further support for their goals. After the conference, graduates continue learning opportunities and hone skills at increased levels of responsibility in the functioning businesses.


The Founders of this project include CEO’s Of Tomorrow and Opportunity Inc. 

Solid Ground Support Project

The goal of this project is to assist youth between the ages of 12 and 26 who have been effected by incarceration and allow themselves to sustain themselves in the community and break out of the system. This assistance occurs in 3 different Tiers. Innumerable families have been helped through this project, and we hope to help youth see beyond the current scope of their situation and provide a hope for the future. The present you live in now does not provide a basis for where you belong in the future.


Tier One:

We assist youth that is court involved. This includes free legal advice and pre sentence investigation reports. Generally, the court’s only perspective is from a court-appointed official who creates a pre sentence investigation report from their view. We aim to provide a contrasting opinion on the situation. A narrative from the child’s perspective can create more hope in the wake of sentencing. We do not claim to be trained practitioners of the law, our expert is a trained paralegal, not a lawyer. However, all consulting occurs in front of the council, who can vocalize their disagreement at any time.


Tier Two:

Breaking Barriers provides a bridge between lawyers and youth. We provide legal advocacy that will break down the legal language and present situations in a more understandable language.


Tier Three:

Support for those who have been touched by incarceration, either directly or indirectly, helps to keep youth from being caught up in the system. Support and leadership groups help youth process the trauma of incarceration. A confidential support circle creates a much-needed safe haven. Speaking about your experiences and listening to the experiences of others is part of the experience, but we also help create coping mechanisms and alternatives for the youth. Our aim is to create resources for youth to better navigate these issues, and skills to provide a wider breadth of opportunities. 

Youth Engagement Project

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Our goal here is to increase and enhance the engagement level of the youth to reconnect them to the spectrum of education. We do so through unique projects in and outside of schools. These projects emphasize peace, unity, brotherhood, and opportunity.



We utilize different entertainment methods such as hip hop, spoken word, theater, conferences and panel discussions around issues that matter to youth. While we pride ourselves in being able to stay up to date with what is popular for youth we actively involve students in order to decide what events should be brought to the schools.

In the process of bringing these events to schools, Breaking Barriers meets with staff of the school to discuss issues and possibilities. After this, the program is hooked up with students that will help plan events alongside Breaking Barriers. We allow the youth to decide which event will be most effective for students in the school. The students are also entrusted with obligations and duties in creating the event. Part of the success of the event is owned by the youth that put time and effort into creating it. We empower them to empower themselves.



We also bring involvement to communities by erecting stations for youth to come and engage in arts and crafts. This is what we call a community take over. A younger crowd is attracted by this type of event.


Block parties are also thrown to support underdeveloped communities. This is used as a way to bring people together and create a dialogue between community groups and community leaders. 

Become Part of a Project

If you would like to become part of one of these projects, or contact us about a child who you would like to involve, please send us an email. We ask that you include the following information in the message:

1) The project you would like to be a part of

2) your name

3) your child's name

4) your child's age and gender

5) any relevant details about you or your child's circumstances



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