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Sedan 'Suliman' Smith

My Story

Sedan “Suliman” Smith, is a well established Youth and Community Leader. He is the founder and President of All of Us or None Wisconsin Youth, and The President of Breaking Barriers Mentoring Youth.

His journey to get to his vision did not came without great trials, setbacks and errors. In 2016, his older brother, “Sylville Smith” was killed by a Milwaukee police officer unjustly. The officer knew his brother very well, which made the injustice even more so impactful on Suliman and his family.


Being  hurt, confused, angry, etc., he took to the streets and became very vocal in an era that called for leadership around police-involved injustice. After his anger settled, he emerged as a beacon Light to the movement. Erecting the principles of Love, discipline, consideration for others, and also speaking truth to power. His voice rang loudly across America from “Ground Zero” in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park area. 


He went on to write history, Leading the longest Peaceful  March in the Nation, echoing Black Lives Matter. This marching ensued heavily after the death of GEORGE FLOYD, and continued consecutively for approximately 423 days. He helped lead these marches in partnerships with organizations like; The Peoples Revolution, All of Us or None Wisconsin, Moorish Science Temple of America, The New Black Panther Party, Public Officials, clergy, community leaders, etc. 


Suliman’s influence has impacted an entire culture and generation, reaching National headlines, attracting the attention of notable figure heads like YB and Young Jezzy, whom used Suliman’s voice on songs around social justice and the cry for reform.


Suliman later decided that the youth following him needed a better path and clearer direction, yet, not too far for their reach. He started “Ville Gang”, a youth led movement that supports and highlights the positive aspects of accomplishing things beyond barriers to success.


He then came to understand that the pathways to education were lacking in the community among the youth. This gave birth to the “Change for Sylville Backpack Giveaway”. This event has grown to become one of the largest events within the Community of Milwaukee, serving over 1000 people a year. This year will be his 7th Annual Change for Sylville Backpack Giveaway”.


Suliman has done work with a plethora of both elected, appointed and public officials. Some of those supporters include; Congresswoman Gwendolyn Moore, State Rep. Leana Taylor, CB Vice Chair Dr. Sequanna Taylor, CC Member Johnnathan Brostoff, State Rep. David Crowley, State Rep. David Bowen, just to name a few. All of whom, have attended his event or have supported this event and others in some way.


Suliman’s level of commitment to change his community along with his great team at BBMI and AOUON Youth is unmatched. His drive to create a positive out of a tragedy is both inspiring and noble. Suliman has managed to touch everyone he has come into contact with. Suliman has inspired a culture of positive change among youth and adults in one of the Nation’s most impoverished communities, plagued with violence and over incarceration of men and women of color, topping the Nation in many respects.


Suliman’s fearless activism, advocacy, direct service, mentorship, and leadership has saturated a culture that was  hopeless with hope. More importantly, liberating the life and legacy of his brother, “Sylville Smith” has given him some sort of supernatural powers to effect change in areas that others had given up on, and his return with success, has served thousands all over the State of Wisconsin, through his organization, while staying true to his Milwaukee roots, and in commemoration of his Brother’s Living Legacy through Suliman himself.


Today, Suliman continues the fight for justice and equality. He lives a quiet life with his large family outside of his activism and work.


My goal is simple, “To liberate the voices of the oppressed youth, teaching them to have powerful and impactful positive change and results. Giving Back to the people is the medicine for my pain!”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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