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Youth & 

Young Adults

Sedan Smith

Youth and Young Adult President

Sedan Smith was brought into All of Us or none in the Summer of 2020 to be the Youth Chapter President.  Within that role, his main focus is direct outreach in the most improvised communities. Sedan has always had a passion for the community, but has taken a more active role in the community after the death of his younger brother, Sedan Smith.  He wanted to turn tragedy into triumph.  Sedan is wanting to turn pain into passion, give back to a community so that it won’t take away from anyone else. Sedan Smith’s passion is investing s much hope Ito the community as possible and being a part of the change.  Her wants to be a fight for the community against police brutality in a peaceful manner.  Sedan is also a lead organizer for the People’s Revolution, which is the longest lasting BLM Protest in the nation.


Legal Advocacy

We help to assist youth and adults between the ages of 12 and 26 who have been affected by incarceration and allow themselves to sustain themselves in the community and break out of the system.

Innumerable families have been helped through our legal advocacy, and we hope to help youth and young adults see beyond the current scope of their situation and provide a hope for the future.


The present you live in now does not provide a basis for where you belong in the future.

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