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Youth & 
Young Adults

Breaking Barriers Youth serves over 1,500 youth per year. This number is very modest and does not include the food drives, coat drives or block parties.

The demographics BBMI serve are:

-Youth touched by incarceration
-Youth ages between 5-17
-Youth adjudicated

-Youth disengaged from the academic arena

-High Risk Youth
-Homeless Youth


"Ville Gang is all about turning tragedy into triumph"

                                   Sedan 'Suliman' Smith

                                   Youth and Young Adults President


Legal Advocacy

We help to assist youth and adults between the ages of 12 and 26 who have been affected by incarceration and allow themselves to sustain themselves in the community and break out of the system.

Innumerable families have been helped through our legal advocacy, and we hope to help youth and young adults see beyond the current scope of their situation and provide a hope for the future.


The present you live in now does not provide a basis for where you belong in the future.

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