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About Us

Who We Are

Breaking Barriers is a local non profit based in Milwaukee serving the population of youth, young adults, and adults who have been systemically and directly impacted by incarceration. We are combined of community leaders and organizers who want to work to provide services on a micro and macro level for individuals and communities who are facing societal barriers to success.

Specifically, we provide services through individual mentorship, group circles and restorative justice circles, organizing around issues such as decarcercation, adaquate funding for community resources and more. We seek to provide services that are catered to what each individual or community may need.

We are currently working on numerous projects to address differing issues. For more details on those projects, please visit our “Projects” page. 

Our Vision

We envision a society where all youth will have equal opportunities in education, employment and quality of life. 

We envision that our work will raise up a core group of leaders capable of making informed, responsible decisions and dedicated to community, equality and justice, who will, through service and leadership roles, have a positive impact on community. 

Breaking Barriers is an organization that works to break down multiple barriers:

  • Those that youth experience in their own lives

  • The societal barriers of racism, claim, and oppression, 

  • The barriers that separate people in our society

Our Mission

The mission of Breaking Barriers Mentoring, Inc. is to educate, uplift and support those who are directly and systematically impacted by incarceration.

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