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About Us

Our Vision

We envision a society where all youth, directly impacted people and their families and marginalized people in high risk communities will have equal opportunities in education, employment and quality of life. 

We envision that our work will raise up a core group of leaders capable of making informed, responsible decisions and dedicated to community, equality and justice, who will, through service and leadership roles, have a positive impact on community. 

Breaking Barriers is an organization that works to break down multiple barriers:

  • Those that youth experience in their own lives

  • The societal barriers of racism and oppression, 

  • The barriers that separate people in our society

Our Mission

The mission of Breaking Barriers Mentoring, Inc. is to educate, uplift and support those who are directly and systematically impacted by incarceration.

Who We Are

Breaking Barriers Mentoring Inc. is a long-standing nonprofit that remains in good standing. BBMI consists of a 100 percent Directly
Impacted run organization. Over the last 10 years, BBMI is where many Directly Impacted People come and find their way. An
organization with rich opportunities and promise, it never ceases to fulfill the need of the communities that they reside in.

What We Do

BBMI has provided the following services over the last 10 years:

1. Community Support /Advocacy
2. Peer Mentorship/ Peer Support/ Peer Mediation

3. Business Incubating for Start-up Nonprofits that are headed by Directly Impacted People

4. Community Outreach and Needs assessments
5. Support and Leadership Trainings
6. National Leadership and Development training
7. Coalition Building local and National
8. Strategies around Violence Prevention
9. Youth Mentorship, Outreach and Development
10. In school Advocacy (Reconnecting youth to academic arena)

11. Building Community Think Tanks
12. Campaign and Movement Building
13. Program and Project Building
14. Legal and Courtroom advocacy

15. Deinstitutionalization methods and strategies for Reentry and Transition
16. Circles of Support and Support and Leadership Circles
17. Reentry Housing and Programming

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