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Steven 'Sadiq' Nichols

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My Story

Steven “Sadiq” Nichols is an indirectly impacted emerging youth leader. Finding his way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by way of his mother Shaterri Dotson from the State of Mississippi.


“I grew up on the coast of Mississippi, with my father, although the environment was small and challenging, it had its benefits. It humbled me at an early age, forcing me to accept people beyond their differences.” Said “Sadiq”.


Sadiq lost his mother to the system at the tender age of 2. She completely disappeared from his life for approximately 5 years. Hurt and confused, Sadiq found refuge in basketball, becoming an elite player and paraprofessional in the sport. He found ways to discipline, challenge and mold himself into a responsible young man. All the while holding onto the values of his grandparents, whom stepped up in his mother’s stead.


After reuniting with his mother and moving back under her care, Sadiq was dealt another strong blow. He lost his Grandmother, whom in his short lived experience, taught him the principles of Love and Protection. 


“My Grandmother was a major contributor to my life, values, and relationships. Losing her caused me to lose a little bit of myself.” Said “Sadiq”.


This experience sent Sadiq into a world of unknowns. “Moving to Milwaukee was devastating initially. The environment was sick and poverty stricken in an unhealthy way.” Said Sadiq. 


Given this, Sadiq refused to interact with people, throwing himself into school and basketball, which ultimately led him to the biggest achievement of his life thus far, “Graduation”. In spite of the challenges of public education, Sadiq was determined. He learned to open up and speak to the youth of his peers. To his surprise, they listened and gave him genuine respect.


With this new found ability to connect with his peers, Sadiq didn’t stop there, he joined Breaking Barriers Mentoring Inc., a Wisconsin based nonprofit with over 10 years of serving the communities at large and mentoring youth as well as young adults. 


Sadiq began to volunteer with BBMI, and All of Us or None Wisconsin Youth, a sister organization to BBMI that advocate and provide direct services to directly and indirectly impacted youth and families. He has done work around mass-incarceration, violence prevention, community organizing, event planning and oversight, to budgeting and payroll for the organization. Sadiq, is a Martial Artist in training and is a great peer mentor, mediator and innovator.


Today at the tender age of 18, Sadiq is the Youth Chapter Vice President of All of Us or None Wisconsin, alongside his legendary contemporary Sedan Smith as his President. Sadiq is excited about being the change he wishes to see in the world. “It’s not always about where you start, it’s sometimes a great message in where you end up. Be grateful, make the best out of every period in your life.”Said “Sadiq”.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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