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Directly Impacted Circles of


About Circles

D.I.P. Circles of Support is a robust project that enriches the reentry process. It establishes a softer landing for D.I.P (Directly Impacted People). Establishing a supportive network both before and after a D.I.P is released from the system, enhances the likeliness of having a successful reentry. Our success at BBMI has a proven track record of successful outcomes. This makes both “Circles of Support” and “Support and Leadership Circles” one of the pivot points of the reentry process. 


Circles of Support -a) Community based support, bridging the gap between the D.I.P, community volunteers and leaders, b) Finding their voices to tell their stories and share their experiences in a safe place that ensures confidentiality, no judgment, respect, c)Breaking Bread with the community. (These points are born out of isolated proven processes that have shown considerable success. BBMI holds an approximately a 98% success rating with making Circles and evidence based practice. We have measured this success by the following metrics post-release of D.I.P. Recidivism, Sustainability and


 Leadership Development). All of which BBMI have implemented and have proven

successful outcomes.


Support and Leadership Circles

Support and Leadership Support Group (De-institutionalization focus and target)

a) Learning principles of Accountability,

b) Establishing solid relationships among peers with the same or similar lived experiences,

c) Learning effective storytelling,

d) Identifying barriers from emptying out institutionalization.

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Monthly Groups


  • Mondays &Thursdays: Join Peer Support and Leadership circles via ZOOM

To get involved or more information,

contact Amina EL:

  • Volunteers trained in restorative practices gather with men and women recently released from jail or prison for a meal and fellowship

  • Together the group explores universal topics: shame, forgiveness, identity, love, purpose, legacy, etc. 

  • The monthly programs are a non-judgmental space where truths can be revealed and responded to with both compassion and accountability. 

  • It is a place for mental learning and growth. 

Monthly programs cultivate restorative practices

within a community of support

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