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  • We assist people that are court involved. This includes free legal advocacy and pre sentence investigation reports.

  • Generally, the court’s only perspective is from a court-appointed official who creates a pre sentence investigation report from their view. We aim to provide a contrasting opinion on the situation.

  •  A narrative from the individual's perspective can create more hope in the wake of sentencing.

  • We do not claim to be trained practitioners of the law, our expert is a trained paralegal, not a lawyer. We consider ourselves advocates. 

  • However, all consulting occurs in front of the council, who can vocalize their disagreement at any time.

 Scales of Justice


  • Breaking Barriers provides a bridge between lawyers and individuals going through the court system. 

  • We provide legal advocacy that will break down the legal language and present situations in a more understandable language.

Image by Tim Mossholder


  • Support and leadership groups help youth process the trauma of incarceration.

  • A confidential support circle creates a much-needed safe haven.

  • Speaking about your experiences and listening to the experiences of others is part of the experience, but we also help create coping mechanisms and alternatives for the individuals.

  • Our aim is to create resources for youth to better navigate these issues, and skills to provide a wider breadth of opportunities.

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