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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Breaking Barriers Mentoring Inc. is a proud partner of “The Hip Hop Alliance”. +Minister Caliph is a long time good friend of Minister Kurtis Blow, arguably one of the founders and pioneers of Hip Hop. Minister Caliph is also the Ambassador for the United Coalition for Human over the State of Wisconsin, an initiative led by Minister Kurtis Blow himself.

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Minister Kurtis Blow authorized +Minister Caliph Muab’El to recruit the best positive youth talent in Wisconsin. The idea is to help them with much and more of the following:

        1.      Artist development
        2.      Learning the business of the industry
        3.      Learning how to record properly
        4.      Song writing
        5.      Marketing
        6.      Project creation
        7.      Royalties
        8.      Distribution
        9.      Performance coaching
        10.     Much more.

The HipHop Alliance was co-created by Super Stars “Chuck D”, MC Lyte, KRS One, Kurtis Blow, and others to call awareness to Artist abuse within the hip hop industry, and to help correct the path of new or future artists that are hopeful entering or desiring to enter the industry. The idea is to educate new and current artists in the business of the industry, promoting independence before becoming dependent on systems that are designed to control and take advantage of hopeful artists.

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